Get the Most Mileage out of Your Spotify Artist Profile

Putting your music on Spotify just makes sense. Music fans worldwide flock to this service to find new artists. There’s many ways for listeners to find new songs, including artist profile searches, recommendations from the platform’s algorithm, Spotify playlist promotion, selections from other artists and activity from friends.

Once you’ve put your music on Spotify, you’re likely going to celebrate. It’s a big moment in your career as an artist—now, people across the world can hear your music.

However, just being able to hear your music isn’t enough. They have to be able to find you on the platform first. Otherwise, you’ll never have the chance to share your music and your vision as an artist with them.

Maybe you’ll get lucky and your track will become part of Discover Weekly or a major playlist placement, allowing listeners to find you via a recommendation from an algorithm. But there’s no guarantee that will happen, and there’s many music acts on Spotify to compete with. Spotify takes pride in their platform, and their editors give preference to artists who offer detailed profiles that include great photos and graphics. Keep in mind that you want to impress them, which in turn will lead to greater audience exposure through a placement on an official Spotify playlist. If you want to stand out from the rest and get your brand and message out there to listeners, you’ll need to use your Spotify artist account to do so.

Reach out to Your Next Generation of Fans

To create real fans who will listen to your music over and over again and spread the word about you to other people, you’ll need to share your personality, brand and message with listeners in a genuine way. It’s your artist profile that will allow you to do so.

Once you learn how to make a Spotify artist account, you’ll be able to access the features this platform has available for artists. The first step in your journey is claiming your profile.

Claim Your Spotify Artist Profile

After you’ve gotten your music onto Spotify, you’ll need to claim your Spotify artist account there. This will give you a verified account —and the handy blue check by your name —so listeners know the profile really belongs to you. Not only does this help create a relationship with your listeners, it also helps prevent other people from posing as you on the platform.

Claiming your profile is pretty simple using the five steps below.

1. Visit the home page of Spotify for Artists:

2. Select “Claim Your Profile.”

3. Choose “Manager” or “Artist,” as determined by your project relationship.

4. Locate the “Share” button by your release to get your artist link.

5. Visit the artist link and request access. You can verify your identity with a connection to your artist social media accounts.

After you’ve claimed your artist account, you’ll be able to customize your profile and use the promo tools and analytics that Spotify offers artists to help them connect with listeners and find new fans.

Personalize Your Profile

Now, with your profile claimed, you can upload a photo for the profile picture, a banner and even add a photo gallery. Make sure the images you use reflect who you are as an artist and a person. Your profile is a gateway for listeners to your music, so it’s important to put yourself out there.

Spotify allows artists to add a biography of 1,500 words or less. It can be difficult to write a bio, but you should at least tell your audience where you came from and what your vision of your music is. You can add a few lines about your most recent release, too, since bios can be edited at any time, and any good quotes about your band or music from the press or other established artists.

If you are really struggling with the bio section, take a look at the bios of other artists you admire on the platform. This can help inspire you to create your own.

Don’t forget to use the social media section of the artist account on Spotify as well. Here, you can link to all of your social media accounts so fans old and new can connect with you across multiple platforms.

Last but certainly not least, take advantage of the ability to post merchandise you have for sale and your upcoming tour dates on your Spotify artist account. Always keep this information up-to-date so fans don’t miss out.

Showcase Yourself as an Artist and a Listener

Using the “Artist Pick” feature, you’ll able to select one playlist, track or tour date to display right at the top of your profile. With the “Artist Playlist,” you can create a playlist of the music you love to share with other listeners.

Make sure you update both of these features regularly. Your fans will keep returning to your profile and get to see your new tracks, concert dates, merchandise and more, but only if your content is fresh.

The Analytics Advantage

With Spotify’s analytics, you’ll know which songs listeners skip, in which countries your music is popular and how well you’re expanding your reach. Knowing more about who is playing your music and where will help you better plan digital marketing campaigns, tours and album launches. This information will also tell you where you may need to focus your efforts.

Of course, as an artist, your music always comes first, but you still need to know how your music is reaching listeners, especially if you want to reach new people and grow your audience. This is largely why claiming your artist account on Spotify is so important. You’ll get real statistics on and insight into how people are interacting with your music right from your Spotify artist account.

It’s Time to Embrace Platforms

Digital distribution, streaming platforms and playlist promotion are a very hot topic in the music industry today. Whether you’ve taken a firm stance in these debates or not, one thing is true: these platforms allow your music to reach an entirely new audience, one you probably could not reach on your own.

Ultimately, it does not matter how much money you earn each time someone streams one of your songs. You still need to put time and some real thought into how your new project is going to connect with listeners and convert them into new fans. For many people, Spotify is going to be the first time they ever hear your music, and you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

When you use all the promotional and marketing tools offered on a platform such as Spotify, you can set yourself apart from other artists and grow your presence and reach.

By leveraging all available promotional tools, including YouTube promotion, playlist promotion, and radio promotion, you position yourself ahead of the competition, fostering growth in your presence and reach.

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