Up to 10% per Sale

We value our partner’s efforts and contributions, and that’s why we offer up to 10% of each sale as affiliate income.

Dedicated Team

Our dedicated, highly attentive affiliate team is always available to help with any questions you may have about the Playlist-Promotion.com affiliate program.

Market Leaders

As one of the top 5 music promoters, Playlist-Promotion.com is an industry leader, with over 100 favorable reviews and more than 300 clients each month.

Full Affiliate Kit

All Playlist-Promotion.com partners enjoy free, exclusive access to our full kit of banners and logos, making it easy to promote.

Do you have Any Questions?

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How Does the Program Work?

Playlist-Promotion.com is shockingly simple. Once your application is approved, we’ll send you a unique affiliate link, along with full access to our marketing kit. Then, simply place link banners on your website and within product reviews. Every new customer you refer that makes a purchase earns you a 10% commission.

How Much Can Affiliates Earn?

As much as you want! As an example, some Playlist-Promotion.com affiliates bring in over $10,000 each month on affiliate sales alone.

Do You Have a Minimum Threshold for Payouts?

Our affiliates are paid when they have earned at least $30 through new customer referral sales. Lower amounts remain in your account until you’ve reached the minimum payout.

How Am I Paid?

Playlist-Promotion.com uses PayPal, the safe and secure online payment system, to distribute payments. Include your PayPal account information with your initial application, and you’ll be paid directly to your account.

When Am I Paid?

Affiliate payments are credited to your account within 30 days after the credited purchases are cleared.

How Long Are Customers Associated With My Account?

When a new customer clicks on your affiliate link, they are locked into your referral code for 30 days. This means even if it takes your referrals a few days to buy, their purchase will still be attributed to your account.

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