Trademark Guidelines

The following Trademarks Usage Guidelines (from this point known as “Guidelines”) explain how we permit the use of’s trademarks, trade names, brand names, service names, service marks, domain names and logos (collectively from this point known as “ Trademarks”).

These Guidelines have been developed with the goal of making it easy for our affiliates to use Trademarks in a way that improves and grows the brand through community-oriented efforts.

Pertaining to these guidelines, the term Community-Oriented Effort refers to non-profit endeavors that encourage the use of products or software. If you’d like to employ the brand in a for-profit project, please contact us to discuss your project.

Below you will find details on specific ways that community-oriented efforts may or may not use Trademarks may not be used for profit, or to deceive customers who are looking for official products and resources.

By using Trademarks, you certify and acknowledge that is the sole and exclusive owner of Trademarks, retaining all intellectual property right and goodwill associated with or generated by Trademarks. You agree that at no time will you challenge, contest, aid, or encourage any third parties in rebuking or contesting the ownership of Trademarks. You agree without limitation that you will not take action that results in derogatory force against’s right applying to trademarks, trade names, or any other designation that seeks confusing similarity to Trademarks.


Simply stated: Don’t give the impression that you’re affiliated with Trademarks must not be displayed in a way that implies a endorsement of your products, services, or project. Furthermore, your endeavor must be discernibly different in a way that does not present it as a product.

For example: If you run a support forum, calling it the “ Support Forum” would be misleading, and visitors may believe you are the official support forum for Instead, use a title such as “Support Forum For,” which implies assistance with our products.

You may use Trademarks color schemes in your website’s branding. However, you may not mislead visitors into thinking that your website is an official site of This includes deceptive practices such as using a website domain that is close to or seems affiliated with

Our License

Simply stated: If you run a community-oriented project, you can use the name as long as you refrain from stating or suggesting that your project is officially part of

By becoming a affiliate, you are granted a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable license to employ Trademarks. This license may be revoked for any reason we deem necessary, and this license is subject to the terms and conditions listed here and below. Trademarks must be used solely in support of a community-oriented effort, and solely in accordance with our Guidelines, along with additional written instructions that we may occasionally provide. You may not display Trademarks in any way that suggests your endeavor is affiliate with Simply adding a statement to the effect of “I am not affiliated with” is not sufficient. Per our Guidelines, you must not use any deceptive practices, such as a domain name that suggests official affiliation or the use of the logo as your website’s logo.


Simply stated: Do not change our branding.

The usage of any and all Trademarks, including any associated goodwill, shall be to the sole benefit of Any and all Trademarks displayed must use the exact format that is provided by Stylization, color proportions, fonts, and representation must not be altered in any way. Additionally, you cannot make any additions to or remove any elements from Trademarks, and Trademarks must be displayed with clarity and readability. Avoid background styles and elements that interfere with readability. Trademarks may not be displayed in a manner that causes harm or potential harm to’s goodwill. It is prohibited to use or display Trademarks alongside or in the context of content that is unlawful, harassing, offensive, abusive, libelous, defamatory, indecent, pornographic, vulgar, threatening, vulgar, discriminatory, or fraudulent. These elements do not represent an exhaustive list, and the interpretation is up to the reasonable discretion of

It is prohibited to employ Trademarks as part of any domain or top-level domain name without the explicit consent of reserves the right to revoke any of the above mentioned consent at any time.

Don’t Advertise

Simply stated: Don’t use any trademarks as keywords in ads.

The use of Trademarks in advertising, including such programs as Google Ads and other search engine advertising, is prohibited.


Simply stated: If you abuse these guidelines, you will be penalized.

If finds that you’ve failed to comply with any portion of our Guidelines, you are subject to immediate removal from affiliate programs, and consent to use Trademarks will be fully revoked. We reserve the right to employ any and all legal means to end your affiliate activity, including suspension, termination, and/or account activation.

We reserve the right to take any and all appropriate action, to be exercised at the sole discretion of, against any usage of Trademarks that does not conform to our Guidelines, or that is executed without our consent or permission.

Ask Us

Please contact us for permission prior to using Trademarks in any for-profit project or endeavor.

If you have any doubts about using the name, logo, or banners, please contact us for further information at — for example, you may need to discuss it with legal if you intend to use Trademarks on any physical products, or would like to incorporate Trademarks into a conference or trade group.