Since using bots and low-quality streams can cause Spotify to remove your account and all your music, we never use them. Instead, we provide playlist placements that give you organic streams.

We have more than 2,000 playlists in our database and a great line of communication with curators, so we guarantee all playlist placements. If you buy the 200,000 combined follower package, you will receive 200,000 combined follower placements.

Every playlist has at least 1,000 followers. The biggest playlist in our database has over 950,000 followers.

For the best results possible, we place your music on playlists that match your genre. This gets your music to your target audience. We place hip-hop songs, for example, on hip-hop and related playlists to give our clients the most for their investment.

After we receive your payment, we give you the first round of placements within five to seven business days. You will get additional placements each week until we fulfill your entire order.

Because we offer only organic plays, it’s hard to promise a set number. What we can promise, however, is that you will get thousands of new streams. You will also get new saves and fans.

You can track all your analytics from your Spotify for Artists account. (

We will email you a PDF document containing details of the service you received. This report includes the playlist names, number of followers and a direct link to all your playlists.

No, we must first listen to your song to make sure we can provide you with the results you deserve.

Yes, we are currently unable to accept classical music. We don’t have enough playlists in that genre to give our customers the full benefit of our service. We are always looking to grow our network and might accept classical music in the future.

No, Spotify is a global service with listeners of all backgrounds and locations.

Yes, an artist once submitted an experimental song and bought the largest playlist promotion campaign we offer. Although we could not reach the promised number of placements, we refunded the artist for the missing placements.

We can not tell you any names of the playlists where we will place your music before you buy the package. This is simply because we have over 2,000 playlists in our database from all kinds of genres. We will plan your playlist placements as soon as we have received your payment as every song has a specific market/genre or goal.

We are not able to do a playlist plan before we receive your payment because this requires a large amount of work; and unfortunately, there are some who may not ultimately be able to pay or move forward with the campaign. Because the work is so time-consuming, it would not be economical for our business if we completed work before being paid. In order to accommodate such a model, we would have to raise our prices.

You can, but it might not be wise. You get the best results once each song gains 100,000 combined follower placements, which helps you appear on the Spotify release radar, discover weekly and New Music Friday playlist.

Yes, you can upgrade at any time.

Your music will stay at least for 2 months on the playlists. But it can also happen that the playlist curators will keep the song for much longer on their playlists. It all depends on the taste of the playlist curators.

We don’t offer payment plans at this time.

We have a verified PayPal account, business address, passport number, bank account and more. You get the service for which you pay.

We are offering a 100% refund policy on all packages if the client has not received the total follower reach placements.

Yes, you can pay with a bank transfer if you live in the United States or Europe.

Yes, you can submit a playlist if it has at least 1,000 followers. Submit your Spotify playlist here:

Yes, we would be happy to call you. Provide your phone number, time zone and the time you would like us to call.

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