The success of each and every project depends on how strongly you believe in it and the time and dedication that you put into it. There’s no specific set time frame of how long a song should be promoted for, but it definitely needs a marketing plan before its release date, as well as thereafter.

No matter how amazing the song is, even a potential smash hit that could sell a million copies, getting it out there takes time. It depends heavily on the timing of the release, the circumstances, and the network that you have to make it happen. This is dependent a lot of factors because it can catch the momentum at one place and spread like wildfire, or it may take a year to get to that particular place from where it then explodes and you get the right placements where everybody else sees it, or somebody else shouts out your song, or your song can also be put into a movie three years after you released it, or into a TV commercial, and then suddenly people start to Google your song and finally it blows up! 

Believe in your music


There’s so many ways your song can make it, but you also have to make sure that if it’s gonna be “the song” don’t just convince yourself, it has to be “the one” like everybody else go Wow! For example, Fetty Wap – Trap Queen, he had no records prior to that, it was just him and his team believing it was the one, they promoted it for months and kept going and growing with no initial fanbase and he made that happen. Another record is Macklemore – Can’t Hold Us, this record was out two years before it actually blew up. After “Thrift Shop ” was released, it had so much momentum that they finally found the right time and the fanbase to put out ”Can’t Hold Us”. The last escenario depended on timing, which proves that if you have one record that it’s even better it will propel your next record.

Understand the timing and keep pushing and pushing. You have to get one person at the time to your music until people gradually spread it and blow up on its own. You have to promote, promote and promote until you push it up to that hill where it has all the momentum and it can then carry itself. If you don’t get to that point then it deflates and doesn’t get you anywhere. Take a look at your favorite artists, some of them blew up off a record or even a project that may have potentially have been their best project, or it happened that you love their first song and the second but you don’t like the most recent song, and that song may not even have the attention if it was the artist first song because it didn’t do what the first record did. A lot of the reason that their records stay relevant is because they already have a massive fanbase. Some of the time artists released records that are not that great and it will never get to the level if it didn’t have the other song momentum.

What happens is that when you build your fanbase you are building your natural momentum for when you release a song. Take into account that even if this song you release now is not the record, keep pushing it or release the next record to keep gaining fans and eventually when you have enough momentum you release the right record, and boom! The real answer is if you really believe in the song you have to keep pushing until it gains momentum and actually moves on its own, and you have to know that it’s the one, if it’s not the one move on. It could also happen that you usually listen to so many you can’t even decipher whether or not it’s good because you’ve heard the song too many times, either way keep pushing and market your music.

The 6 Best Marketing Strategies For Music

Make a Pre-Save Campaign



The first thing you need to do is to make a pre-save campaign which takes place at least 4 weeks prior to the release date. This will get your song the exposure required for it to be well-known before it is released, by catching the attention of playlist editors and Spotify itself will make the Spotify algorithm work instantly, giving you a head start on promotion.

A lot of artists noticed that implementing Pre-Save Campaigns helped them hack the Spotify algorithm and boost their music in order to reach the optimal amount of streams from the get-go.

We wrote a more detailed article called The best way to trigger the algorithm with a Spotify Pre-Save campaign, where you can find more help about how to prepare your Pre-Save Campaign. 


Take advantage of your Social Media


A very essential way to promote your music is through your Social Media. This is free (unless you choose to pay for ads), and you can keep posting about a specific single or album as many times as you see fit. Having your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or TikTok updated is always a must. However, just posting the URL is not gonna do the work. You need to be creative and connect with fans in a fun, friendly and smart way. When a fan’s experience becomes organic, it builds a long-lasting relationship with your content, making them more likely to keep promoting your music.

There’s no doubt that you can share your content with people around you and beyond using Social Media. Make sure you prepare your sites for your upcoming songs by creating Stories, Posts and Reels. Once this is done, you can start promoting before and after the release with your friends, fans, blogs, and you could also prepare an email list to cover even more ground.

Nowadays, TikTok has become one of the most influential platforms for upcoming artists. It allows users to create new content and short videos related to a song. Once your single is released and uploaded to TikTok, create some content like lip sync videos, dance routines or a meme with your music.

TikTok’s algorithm calculates how many times people use a specific song. Hence, the more it is used the more it’ll show your song to viewers, and you’ll have a higher chance that users will create their own content with your song. 

Get your song on the radio

Have you heard that audio streaming providers are going to be more popular than radio?

Audio Today published a report in 2022 with statistics that show this will not be the case. In the United States, 261 million people say they listen to the radio every week. That’s a full 91% of the population! Television is only watched by 87% of the American population, and only 22% of the American public listens to podcasts.

People listen to radio to hear new music, and for artists it’s a form of connection through exposure, exclusivity and curation, which means there’s no better time than now to submit music to radio stations and take advantage of all the opportunities it offers in a scene that demands a huge amount of exposure to get your music everywhere.

One of the advantages of radio is that it is available in almost all cars and is the first thing your listeners can hear on the way to work, at home or in traffic jams. Unlike most streaming services, radio content is absolutely free.

We have published a more detailed article entitled ‘5 Reasons You Want To Be On The Radio


If you need assistance submitting music to radio stations, contact us here:

Radio Promotion

Get on Spotify playlists

With the rise of Spotify, it’s becoming increasingly important for musicians to know how to boost their streams. Spotify playlist promotion can be a useful help for musicians who want to make it in this highly competitive field.

Legitimate activity makes Spotify’s algorithms aware of your song and increases the likelihood that your song will be included in algorithmic playlists such as New Music Friday or Discover Weekly.

But even though the number of streams are important, the playlists that contain a song must be active and filled with real listeners. Some Spotify promoters make their money with playlists filled with bots to increase the number of streams in a dishonest way.

We have an article about the best Spotify promotion services titled ‘Best Spotify Promotion service: Organic & Legit‘ where you can find more help in choosing the best Spotify promotion service.


If you need assistance submitting music to Spotify playlists, contact us here:

Spotify Promotion

Other ways to get promoted

What if you just want to push your music for a short period of time? Well, bloggers can assist with that. Search for blogs that post about your music genre. They will be interested in what you’re bringing to the table. So, you better work on the single’s unique narrative, which is important as it helps to secure press and social media features. The message that your song brings to people is the core message of your campaign.

As with blogs, when researching radio stations and podcasts, make sure they are suited to your music and its style and message. Many of them dedicate the show to local artists, so consider both music centric and local podcasts about the area you live in, these podcasters might also want to interview you and feature your music.

Create more content for your music

The momentum of your single depends on a lot of factors but mostly the timing of its release and how it is promoted. A great fan base can get you to that peak when the song is released, but to keep that momentum going you need to keep pushing and marketing your music.

Music videos have become an extremely effective way of ensuring your music is shared to a wide-ranging audience over a longer period of time. All it takes is an amazing visual to bring a considerable level of attention to your content. Therefore, utilize every visual aspect of your music artwork. 

It can surprise you what even a lyric video can do for the promotion of your music. Integrating this type of content on all of your platforms can impact the amount of people that will like your music, and of course catch the attention of new followers.

If you need assistance with your YouTube campaign we’re here for you, just click the link below:

YouTube Promotion

The questions you need to ask yourself are: How many fans would I like to gain in a month? How many streams am I getting? Is my social media and Spotify growing? Engagement and multiple streams are the goals! But, what really matters is how strongly you believe in your music and what you would like to achieve with this song in particular. Your goals will determine the amount of time your songs should be promoted for. So keep pushing through and promoting your music until you see the desired result, and remember if your first song is not the one, keep working on your music and move forward until you have a hit song! As you assess your music promotion goals, consider also the impact of YouTube promotion and radio promotion in achieving them. 

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