With the rise of Spotify, knowing how to boost your streams is becoming an increasingly important skill for musicians. Spotify playlist promotion can be a useful tool for musicians who want to break through in this highly competitive field. But artists need to know the best Spotify playlist promotion service to use to maximize their streams on this wildly popular music streaming service.

In this article, you’ll learn everything about what organic Spotify Promotion service you can use to legitimately increase your plays, followers and savings so that you can succeed on Spotify.

The guide of a successful & legit Spotify Promotion

Legit & organic playlists

Legitimate activities make Spotify’s algorithms aware of your song and increase the likelihood of your song being added to algorithmic playlists like Discover Weekly or New Music Friday.

But even though the numbers of streams and placements matter, the playlists a song is on have to be active and filled with real listeners. Some Spotify promotion businesses make their money by using playlists filled with bots to dishonestly raise the number of streams.

But a musician whose music is heard by 10K real people or streamed on 10K legitimate computers is going to experience true success sooner than one with a listener count filled with fake numbers. These genuine listeners are the ones that matter for a musician, not the purchased or falsely manufactured streams.

Playlist Activity

An active playlist with constant streaming is where musicians want to see their songs. Music submissions by Spotify promotion companies should guarantee a song will be placed on an active playlist instead of simply guaranteeing a song will be submitted for consideration. A music promotion company should be constantly checking playlist activity and only put their songs on active playlists. Musicians invest a lot of money with a service provider trying to get their songs in front of a wider audience.

As a musician, you are looking for Spotify promotion services that do not break the Spotify Terms of Service (TOS) but also offer quality, organic and legitimate promotion for your music. What is the best Spotify promotion? We’ve scoured the internet looking for good services that do not breach Spotify’s terms of service and offer organic, legit promotion of your music. Investing in music marketing is worth it, musicians that believe their work and the songs they’re putting out will understand this.

Now that we have explained the most important information, let’s dive into the world of the seven best Spotify promotion services:

1. Playlist-Promotion.com

Of course, we have to mention us since we have been offering real, organic and legitimate Spotify promotion for indie and major artists since 2015. With access to more than 50 million potential listeners and over 3,000 professionally curated music playlists, Playlist-Promotion is constantly in contact with curators, and we know the growth and activity of their playlists for many years.

Our goal is to get your music heard so we continuously check the playlist activity within our network. We also can guarantee placements for almost every genre once we have listened to and confirmed that your music is a good fit for our promotional services.

With over four decades of music marketing experience, we have been featured by MTV News, Grammy, ABC News, Professional Audio Magazine as well as many other respected publications. Some of the major artists outside of the Indie genre that we have worked directly with are Major Lazer, BTS, Bring Me The Horizon, Farid Bang, Tiesto and French Montana. Our philosophy is that no band is too unknown or too popular for us to promote – we can help all types of musicians find the right playlist.

We pride ourselves on being quick, transparent and efficient and are open to speaking with you at any time about your music. Contact us via email or phone to give us a try and see for yourself!

Contact us

2. Top-40-Songs.com

Run by Carolina Santos, this company focuses on organic growth of her Spotify artists. Santos started out managing musicians in Brazil as well as helping to publish Brazil’s official music charts. While in Brazil, she formed her Top 40 charts network with curators, representatives, influencers, major labels and radio stations from different countries. Beginning in 2017, Santos began specializing in Spotify music promotion.

As a former manager, Santos knows the importance of growing a real fanbase to expand the audience and events for musicians. With personalized campaigns and strategies, she will pitch your song to legit playlists that match your musical genre. Top-40-Songs works with very affordable prices (starting at €65), giving artists who don’t have a big budget an opportunity to reach a new audience and get their songs heard. Carolina has boosted the careers of over 400 independent musicians with her music promotion service.

Web: https://top-40-songs.com

3. SpotifyPromotions.net

This music marketing company has been helping artists for over 25 years and they have worked with over 250 artists, proving their integrity, hard work and creativity. A division of Rock ‘n Retail, LLC & Web ‘n Retail, SpotifyPromotions.net offers up different promotional packages to choose from. Artists who want to spread out their financial commitment over an entire quarter can choose Package #1. For musicians looking for a smaller commitment, they offer their Package #2 that can be utilized for as little as one month.

Their service focuses on optimal playlist placement to give track(s) massive jumps in exposure with multiple playlists. True to their longevity in this business, SpotifyPromotions.net assures artists that their campaigns come from honest hard work that always abides by Spotify’s TOSs. Other package details also include guaranteed minimum 2-month playlist placements, detailed weekly and monthly reports, post-placement marketing, eblasts to curators, manual and collaborative submissions and social media posts and 12 weeks of servicing for all levels.

A customer review of service says exactly how we feel about SpotifyPromotions.net.

“I’ve had 6 months of continually impressive Spotify results at really reasonable rates. After working with many other firms in the past, I’m so grateful to have a firm I can truly count on for results.”

Web: https://SpotifyPromotions.net

4. 19th & 7th

This music promotion company is made up of a team of music and media professionals who provide a full-service, one-stop shop experience for artists that want Spotify promotion under the direction of CEO Mike McManus. McManus has spent years working in the music industry and leads with a straightforward approach and clear and realistic expectations for artists.

19th & 7th provides audio and video production services as well as customized, personalized promotional campaigns.

We can solidly recommend 19th & 7th to boost your streams on Spotify. While we don’t directly speak to the video or music production capabilities (and this article is about Spotify Promotion anyway), our experience collaborating with their team leads us to conclude that they are a good option.

Web: https://19thand7th.com

5. Base For Music

Base for Music is a music marketing platform for independent artists and labels, which has already supported over 5,000 artists in less than 4 years. Their solution offers different tools to simplify the creation of advertising campaigns on the most suitable formats for the promotion of music (Spotify, Tiktok, Meta, Youtube), all available from just 50$.

Thanks to their expertise and tools, they can maximize your marketing investments by reaching out to qualified listeners who will truly engage with your music. After defining the basic parameters of the campaign, they take care of all the rest of the actions: creation of the ads, definition of the targeting, optimization and daily monitoring, as well as data reporting, so that you can concentrate on what really matters: creating your music.

The platform also makes audience analytics tools available free of charge to artists, so they can track the evolution of their multi-platform audience and observe the impact of their promotional actions.

Web: http://baseformusic.com/

6. Playlist Push

This Spotify promotion company work with playlist owners, curators as well as musicians who are seeking heightened exposure on Spotify.

Their smallest campaigns cost $280-$400 depending on musical genre for 20-30 curator submissions (not guaranteed placements). This structure is still a bit of gamble for musicians since Playlist Push doesn’t promise any specific number of placements.

What Makes Playlist Push Unique: With Playlist Push, artists receive direct feedback from curators who provide deeper insights into why they did (or did not) place music on their playlists. This artist-curator discussion is especially valuable for artists who can learn what makes their music appealing to the curators, how the decision-making process evolves and ultimately how to increase the odds of landing on playlists in the future.

But depending on the genre and likely the quality of the song, we have had reports from clients with varied results from Playlist Push. Some of our customers have already tried Playlist Push and had to admit that their song was placed on only a few playlists which resulted in only a few hundred streams.

And while they say they only work with highly targeted curators, some clients told us their music was placed on inactive playlists.

All in all, you can certainly get lucky with Playlist Push, Playlist Push is widely regarded as one of the legitimate players in the Spotify promotion space.

Web: https://playlistpush.com

7. Submit Hub

This company works by allowing artists directly submit their music to blogs, YouTube channels and Spotify playlist curators. After registering with Submit Hub, artists purchase credits to pay for their music submissions. Each curator sets his own credit value so this service works for all budgets.

Since we are always looking for new playlist curators, we invested $600 in credits and submitted a song to almost all curators in the song’s genre. Unfortunately, we found that around 80% of our placement requests were declined by curators even though we used a very popular song that had charted in several countries. The rejections couldn’t be because of the song or quality of the song since it was also mixed & mastered by a famous studio that mixed for major artists like Beyonce. We only received 11 playlist placements. Eight of the playlists were fake, three playlist placements had a total follower reach of almost 6k and two of the playlists were inactive. As a result, we were not pleased with the Submit Hub’s service.

While our experience could be unique, we noticed that some Reddit users also reported a similar outcome. Our experience left us feeling like Submit Hub doesn’t really care about the curators on their platform or the activity of the playlists they do use. We haven’t tried a music submission to blogs or a YouTube channel so we can’t give any testimonial in those categories, but we feel that while the concept of Submit Hub is appealing, we miss the attention other music marketers show to their curators and playlists. We think Submit Hub has a lot of potential in the Spotify promotion space if some improvements to their model are made.

Web: https://submithub.com

8. Services That Offer Specific Numbers of Streams or Accept Every Song

Many service providers guarantee specific numbers of streams and followers, but they typically work with Spotify bots and stream farms. Organic Spotify promotion can never guarantee specific numbers since it actually depends on the success of the song.

These kinds of services can hurt your Spotify account since fake plays, fake playlists and artificial growth are against the Terms of Service on Spotify and may result in your song and account being removed.

Every musician’s goal is to be heard but it makes a big difference if your music is heard by 1000 computers or 1000 real people. Fake providers temptingly offer streams for a small amount of money. But if you don’t have a budget to run an organic Spotify promotion, save your money until you are able to invest in a real playlist promotion.

Also, watch out for companies that accept every song. Curators who take care of their playlists to grow listeners are very selective with the songs they accept. Since quality matters, a song with bad mixing will not get placed on a playlist. Even though there are hundreds of music genres with some very niche, it is impossible to get all songs or genres placed on a playlist.

Our recommendation:

Don’t pay for any service until you’ve had communication with that company. Make sure you hear back from a promoter before you send them your money.

Take your content promotion to the next level by incorporating YouTube promotion and radio promotion alongside our Spotify playlist promotion.

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