Instagram now offers a new feature called Music in Stories. This allows users to add a current soundtrack to a unique story. The story can relate to any moment you experience, and it can help to express various moods or feelings. Over 400 million people use Instagram Stories daily.

You can now add stickers, photos or videos with just a tap of a button. This feature enables the music icon. Tap on the music icon to view a vast library featuring thousands of musical melodies. In the library, you can browse songs by name, genre or mood. The latest popular songs are also displayed in the music library. You can enjoy a preview of each song by selecting the play button. After you’ve chosen your favorite song, try the rewind and fast forward features to play through various tracks. You can also select the portion of the song that fits the story you wish to tell. 

With the Music in Stories feature, you will also be able to select various songs before choosing your preferred video. To do this, open the camera. Under the record button, you will then swipe to where you see the option for new music. Once you have searched and selected your preferred song, find your desired section. You will then be able to play a song in the background while recording a new video. Friends and family can then view your Instagram story while listening to melodies in the background. The song name and artist will be displayed on a sticker on the page. 

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