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In the meantime, you can also read our tips for marketing your music independently. Through our in-depth research into artist growth methods and consumer marketing trends, as well as our direct contacts with Spotify, YouTube and Radio Stations, we keep you on top of the game. Here you’ll find the latest inside info and industry trends on how to promote your music independently. has been featured in several music blogs and magazines, including MTV News, Groove, NBC, Dummy, Juice, Fox News, Synmag, Pro Audio and many more. Learn more about our team and discover the most current insider news — such as how to write the perfect Spotify artist profile, or how to get on Discover Weekly and other Spotify algorithmic playlists — so you can give your music the boost you need to launch your career. With, you’ll always be one step ahead.


Music Promotion Tips

This is Instragram`s new “Music In Stories” function

Instagram now offers a new feature called Music in Stories

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