Great news! Spotify has finally made it possible for all artists to submit their music to Spotify-owned playlists via the Artists Insights dashboard!

With this change, it’s become a lot more important to focus on getting noticed while pitching your new songs to Spotify. Because Spotify sees your previous results, it’s very important to gain more followers, engage in personal pitching, increase your placements in non-owned Spotify playlists, and increase “saves” of your music.

With the recent changes to Spotify, the vast playlist promotion network that we’ve built over the years is extremely valuable for you as an artist, now more than ever. Naturally, we’re excited to use our expert knowledge and experience to help you grow.

These are some of the ways that we can boost your performance: 

1. We have the largest Spotify playlist promotion network, and we can pitch your music to our high-quality playlist network.

2. In order to target the right audience, we take the time to get your music into Spotify playlists that match your music genre. This allows us to get the best performance for your song.

3. With packages up to 1 million combined follower placements, your song placements will receive an abundance of streams and savings in return. This results in Spotifys Release Radar, Discover Weekly, New Music Friday and other algorithm-driven playlists which put your music in front of a much larger audience.

These 3 actions (among our many other assets) will give you a massive advantage by strengthening the representation of your profile for the official Spotify editors.

We will gladly work with your new and/or old releases to build extraordinary momentum for you on the platform. We can get you the results you want. Contact us today!

The Playlist Promotion team.

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