Have you heard that podcasts are going to be more popular than radio?

Audio Today issued a report in 2022 that listed statistics that show that this is not going to be the case. In the United States, 261 million people say that they listen to the radio every week. This is a full 91% of the population! Television only has the eyes of 87% of the American population, and only 22% of the American public is listening to podcasts.

People are listening to the radio in a different manner than they have in the past, but the love of radio remains exactly the same.

According to Edison Research, AM/FM radio and online podcasts are commanding the largest audience when it comes to the audio industry. Of those aged 13 years old and older, 39% are listening to terrestrial radio as was described in the 2021 “Share of Ear” report that was conducted by Edison Research. In contrast, streaming services only brought in 18% of this population. Streaming services included podcasts, satellite radio and the music that people own.

Why Are People Still Listening to the Radio?

The statistics are telling us that people in every demographic prefer to listen to the radio in America. The following numbers demonstrate how true this is. For example, adults from age 18 to 34 listen to the radio at a rate of 90%, and radio reaches adults from the age of 34 to the age of 49 at a rate of 94%. It even catches the attention of 91% of adults from the age 50 and above. Now that we have examined the situation, we will explain why we believe that people are still listening to the radio.

You Can Take Radio Anywhere.

Practically everyone has access to a radio. Most vehicles have radios installed in them.

When Do Most People Listen to the Radio?

According to Nielsen, most people listen to the radio when they are not at home. In most instances, this listening occurs when people are in their cars or at work. Therefore, more people are listening to the radio between 6:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

When the weekend rolls around, peak listening hours are around 12:00 p.m. when people are running their weekend errands. The radio is what keeps our minds occupied while we are making long commutes, distract us as we go through our days at the office and bring a little cheer to us as we do chores.

Technology has come a long way, but radio is still in the number one slot when you compare media consumption. Even the new technology depends on the existence of radio to introduce people to its products. We can be assured that radio will be as important in 50 years as it was the first day that it was introduced.

Another reason that radio is still relevant is because the rapport between DJs and their audiences is highly important. It is also one of the most significant ways that people find out about new music.

How Popular Is Online Radio?

Online streaming earned $49 million in 2003. By 2006, that number had increased to $500 million. In 2007, Bridge Ratings & Research administered a survey to 3,000 Americans. The survey showed that 19% of Americans aged 12 and older were listening to online radio.

This means that 57 million people were listening to online radio programs. As a matter of fact, a larger segment of the population is listening to internet-based radio than cellphone-based radio, podcasts, high-definition radio and satellite radio combined.

In 2008, Arbitron conducted a survey and found that one in seven Americans from age 25 to age 54 listened to radio on the internet each week. Also in 2008, researchers learned that 13% of Americans listened to Web-based radio while only 11% were listening to this form of entertainment in 2007. The technology is now allowing people to have increased internet radio functionality, and the quality is as good as FM radio.

iHeart Radio, TuneIn Radio and Pandora are subscription-based or free internet radio services, and they commanded 23% of the listening time each week that people aged 13 to 35 enjoyed in the fourth quarter of 2012. This was a 17% increase over the share that was recorded in 2011.

As those in the 13-to-35-year-old age group began to listen to internet radio, this demographic reduced its consumption of music on terrestrial radio from 24% to 22%. Also at that time, Americans aged 36 and older listened to music on internet radio at a rate of 13%, but they listened to AM/FM radio at 41%.

In 2021, 124 million people stated that they had listened to radio on the internet in the last month. This was 47% of Americans aged 12 and up. Only 94 million said that they listened in the last week, and this was 36% of this demographic. In 2013, those 12 and older listened to internet radio in the last month at a rate of 45%, and they listened in the last week at a rate of 33%. In 2013, the average listening time increased from 11 hours and 56 minutes per week to 13 hours and 19 minutes per week the next year.

In the last six months, 75% of people aged 12 to 24 stated that they listened to internet radio, and 50% of the population aged 25 to 40 were also listening to internet-based radio. The population of adults aged 55 and older only listened at a rate of 22%, but this wasn’t surprising. In 2021, research showed that 143 million Americans aged 12 and above were listening to internet radio. This is 53% of the population.

Radio is the place for new music to be heard.

Radio continues to be the most important tool for getting new music to the listening public. Public radio stations, college radio stations, regional or local radio stations, and terrestrial radio stations are giving people what they are looking for today.

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