This innovative partnership was already announced last year. Users are now able to share Spotify music they are currently listening to through the Instagram Direct or Stories features. Users can also invite their Instagram and Spotify followers to tune into the music channel. 

The story listening function can be accessed from the share menu in Spotify and by tapping the option for Instagram Stories. The app also includes customized cover art for each Spotify artist, song, playlist and album. You can use the editing tools in Instagram to personalize your beloved pictures before sharing them with your family and friends. Whenever users see the Instagram feature for sharing songs, they can choose the Spotify button for playing music as well. It is located in the top left corner of the screen. Music can then be listened to from within the streaming app. 

Music is ultra dependent on Instagram. Some of Instagram’s most followed accounts are those of celebrity artists. Shavone Charles works with the global music and communications team at Instagram. Shavone discusses how music fans rely on Instagram to express their art and discover innovative content. „We want to continue to make this experience easier for Instagram users. The ability to directly share from Spotify does just that.“

Facebook Stories will also be integrated with Spotify in the near future.

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