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Place your song/songs into playlists with a total reach of 2 000 000 followers.

Placements are guaranteed

Number of playlists: 20-44

Placement duration: at least 1 month; on average 2 months

Turn-around time: 15-27 business days

Number of streams:

It is in the nature of organic Spotify promotion that the results can vary. However, the data we’ve collected since 2015 lets us estimate 140000 to 400000 plays.

Just as importantly, those organic plays can help generate passive traffic as listeners save, and drop the song into private playlists. This activity brings your song to the attention of Spotify’s algorithms and increases the odds of more people finding it.

If your song generates enough interest, Spotify may even add it to one of its algorithmic playlists, like Release Radar or Discovery Weekly. You might even get picked up for an editorial playlist.


This package only applies to songs that have already been promoted. Not for new songs. For new songs, you need to make a regular order here: https://playlist-promotion.com/store


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