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Place your song or songs into playlists with a total reach of 3 000 000 followers.

Placements are guaranteed

Number of songs to promote: 1-10

Number of playlists: 60-110

Placement duration: at least 1 month; on average 2 months

Turn-around time: 20-31 business days

Number of streams: An organic Spotify promotion leads to different results as it depends on the success of the song. Based on the data we have accumulated since 2015, we can provide an estimate of achieving between 210000 to 600000 plays.

Additionally, it is likely to gain passive traffic as there is a high chance that the listeners save and add your song to their private playlists. This helps to trigger the Spotify algorithm and makes your song more likely to be discovered by more people.

If your song is popular enough, it’s possible to appear on Spotify’s release radar, discover weekly or editorial playlists.


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