Radio promotion is the way to hear and to be heard

Millions of people tune in everyday to various radio programming, including FM radio, AM radio, college stations, public broadcasting, and now online radio stations which are becoming increasingly popular. Radio promo is the primary source of income for successful artists and is a necessary means of gaining loyal listeners. It’s not an easy task to get your music on the radio, but it’s an essential element in building a brand and growing as a musician in such a competitive world.

Many artists, both new and seasoned, want to take advantage of radio distribution, but may not know who to turn to or where to start. The task of personally finding stations and contacts to listen to your music and offer you the opportunity for radio airplay distribution is quite an undertaking. In many cases, each station is bombarded with hundreds, if not thousands, of artists who are interested in radio promotion, and as a result, their music never gets heard or distributed. Even if the artist is signed with a record label, radio airplay distribution is essential to their growth as a performer and artist and should be handled by professionals who are experts in radio promo.

Step 1

You send us your new single

Step 2

After carefully listening, we target the most relevant of the 30 000 radio stations in our database

Step 3

You choose how many of the targeted radio stations you want to include in your campaign, to suit the best to your budget

Step 4

We track all airplay the songs gets and provide you with detailed reports, showing when and where the song was played

Tailored to your music

At Playlist-Promotion, the objective is maximum exposure in various countries for all types of musical artists. Our campaigns are tailored to each client in regards to budget, musical genre, and distribution requirements to make sure that each of our artists has an opportunity for growth through radio promotion.

Detailed Report

You'll receive a detailed report outlining all of the radio stations that confirmed playing the song, as well as an airplay monitoring report detailing every time your song was played in each country. This gives you the ability to track your music to claim royalties through the collective management organization in your country, such as the ASCAP in the USA.

Airplay is guaranteed

We’re so sure that our campaigns work that we’re willing to give a refund if your music isn’t played on air within one month. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can focus on your music and leave radio promotion to the experts at

Before starting, we make sure your music has the potential for airplay. If you choose to start a radio promotion campaign with us, we will send your music to at least 4,000 stations or more, depending on your budget. We work hard and smart — first we’ll listen to your song to customize your campaign to match your music with the right contacts to ensure that you get airplay. We only target relevant stations so that you have maximum opportunity to be picked up and played on air.

Our Radio Network

At, our goal is to get your music heard. We maintain a network of radio stations that have a relationship with our company. We have working relationships with every musical genre station out there, including pop, indie, electro, rock, metal, folk, alternative, edm, trance, house, jazz, blues, drum and bass, dubstep, chillout, and many more. Because of our personalized involvement in networking and relationship building efforts, we have a high success rate of radio promotion for our artists. We maintain our relationships with stations by responding to hundreds of E-mails personally and keeping up to date with their preferences. These stations regularly come back to us to ask about new music, which is very beneficial for our clients since we have the opportunity to showcase their music to stations who are seeking out talented artists through us.

We carefully choose artists and music that suit the preferences for certain stations to ensure that your music will have the best shot at airplay. Additionally, we communicate in Spanish as well as English to tap into the huge Latin-American market, if it is suitable for your genre. Your chances of getting airplay increase significantly with our tailored campaigns and database of over 30,000 stations in multiple countries.

Our campaigns:

5000 stations - 1500US$

8000 stations - 2250US$

10000 stations - 2500US$

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